Save on Training with New Horizons Albuquerque Membership Clubs

Take as many classes in your club as you want during your membership period, even repeat a class, & pay one low price!

New Horizons Baltimore Club Memberships

New Horizons Baltimore Clubs

If you are interested in taking a variety of courses, you should consider purchasing a New Horizons Baltimore Club membership.

When you join a New Horizons Baltimore Club, you can take as many classes in your Club as you want during your one year membership period, but you pay just one low price.

Unlimited Training. One Year. One Low Price.

Most New Horizons Classroom Learning course titles include a 6-month subscription to Online ANYTIME Web-based training that is provided to attending students. All classes must begin within 12 or 6 months respectively from the first day of the Club Member’s first class.

Find out more about the Clubs we offer below: